Wells The One

Discover the convergence of wellness and design through the best and slimmest water dispenser in Malaysia.

Wells The One

Discover the convergence of wellness and design through the best and slimmest water dispenser in Malaysia.

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Wells' Water Dispensers & Water Filters: Advanced Korean Technology in KL Malaysia

Wells premium home and lifestyle appliances, including hot and cold water dispensers, embody the best quality of life. With a focus on wellness and design, Wells offers the best water dispensers in Kuala Lumpur, equipped with both hot water and cold water options, and innovative Korean technology. Whether you need 50°C warm water for baby formulas or 85°C hot water for your morning coffee, our Water dispensers cater to your needs. Wells products are designed and manufactured in Korea using top-grade materials, these water dispensers are not only elegant and stylish but also versatile in providing clean and filtered water. Wells Malaysia, renowned for its numerous awards, is dedicated to inspiring true wellness through its innovative range, including water filters that ensure purity and taste.

Beginning of New Kitchen Life

with completely renewed Wells The One Water Purifier

home water dispenser

Super compact
Premium Design
with a diameter of 8.8cm

home water dispenser

Automatic sterilisation
& super bio flow pipe
Good Hygiene System

home water dispenser

Wheel & 180° rotation
Usability Considered Features

home water dispenser

Worry-free hygiene
Cold & Hot
Direct-dispenser system

Wells Water Dispenser & Air Purifier in Malaysia

Why You Should Choose Wells Water Dispenser

Smart User-Friendly Features of water dispenser

User-Friendly Features for Convenient Access

With smart and intuitive controls, Wells water dispensers offer various temperature settings and adjustable water volumes to meet your specific needs. Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of our user-friendly design.

Compact and Minimalistic Design for Modern Homes

Our tankless and space-saving design allows Wells water dispensers to fit seamlessly into any kitchen. The sleek and elegant appearance adds a touch of modernity to your space.

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Ensuring Safe and Healthy Drinking Water

Wells uses advanced technology to deliver pure and healthier water. Our dispensers feature an automatic self-sterilizing system and eco-friendly filters certified by the US National Sanitation Foundation (NSF).

Our Elegantly Crafted Water Dispensers and Purifiers

hot and cold water dispenser

Wells The One

The one and only premium system water purifier with hot and cold water dispenser features

Wells Home Café

The first dual capsule coffee x tea machine in the world

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Wells Mini Water Purifier

A Clutter-free kitchen space with Wells Mini Water Purifier

tabletop water dispenser

Wells True Tankless UV+

A compact, tankless water purifier with UV light sanitization and convenient dispensing features

portable air purifier malaysia

Wells Air Purifier

All-around space purifier

Compare Our Water Dispensers and Purifiers

Feature Wells The One Wells Mini Water Purifier Wells True Tankless UV+
Hot & Cold Options Yes No Yes
Tankless Design Yes Yes Yes
UV Sterilization Yes No Yes

Wells Hygienic Water Purifying System

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Sterilises Every Single Water Pipe Once in Three Days

The harmless moisture electrolysing technique carefully sterilises every inch of the purifier that is in contact with water

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Auto Water Drainage System That Empties All Water Pipes and Circulates New Water When Not in Use for 24 Hours

Wells The One drains water remaining in its water pipes, then circulate new and clean water to give you complete peace of mind

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Super Bio Water Pipes

No need for pipe replacement or for stainless steel pipe. Hygiene system has become even better with a special water repellent material

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H+ Cartridge Keeps Everything Extra Clean

Anti-bacterial ceramic ball cleans your water, then the mesh net keeps everything clean until the very end!

Advanced 9-Step NanoFiltration Water System: Ensuring Purity and Taste

Our advanced filtration system utilizes two specialized water filters to ensure water quality. The 1st Filter, Wells Multi-Carbon Plus Filter, effectively removes 7 types of heavy metals, ensuring the safety and purity of the water. Following this, our 2nd Filter, the Neo Nano Clean Filter, targets and removes norovirus, further dispensing healthy water brimming with essential minerals. Together, these filters deliver clean, safe, and palatable water at every step, maintaining the highest standard in every glass from our water dispensers.

1st Filter

Wells Multi-Carbon Plus Filter

5-Stpes Filtering System
Remove 7 types of heavy metals
  1. Sediment
  2. Removes suspended solids and residual rusts

  3. Carbon Block
  4. Removes residual chlorine, bad odors

  5. Removes Heavy Metals
  7. Anti-Bacteria
  8. Prevents the buildup of bacteria

  9. Minerals
  10. Maintains pH level

Wells Water Dispenser Filter

2nd Filter

Neo Nano Clean Filter

4-Step Filtering System

Removes norovirus and dispenses healthy water brimming with minerals

  1. Sediment
  2. Removes suspended solids and residual rusts

  3. Positively Charged Membrane
  4. Removes residual chlorine, bad odors

  5. Post-Carbon

    Removes micro particles, foul odors, bacteria

  6. Silica Ball
  7. Improve water taste, maintain minerals

Analysis of Wells Malaysia's Water and Other Types of Water Filtration

These are comparisons of water produced by different filtration methods. Learn more about the differences between purified, distilled, and filtered water to find the best option for your needs here. Each method has unique benefits for ensuring cleaner and safer water.

Feature Boiled Water Micro-Filtration Ultra-Filtration Reverse Osmosis Wells Nanofiltration
Eliminates Heavy Metals
Contains Minerals
Mild Alkaline
Eliminates Bacteria
Eliminates Viruses
Eliminates Chemical Toxins
Automatic Self-Sterilizing System
Eco-Friendly Filters
Water Taste Enhancement
Price (MYR) Low Moderate Moderate High Moderate
Energy Consumption Low Low Low High Moderate
Installation Complexity Low Low Moderate High Moderate
Maintenance Frequency Low Moderate Moderate High Low

Awards & Accolade

Frequently Asked Questions

Water dispensers are definitely worth the investment. They provide easy access to clean, filtered water, helping you stay hydrated and reduce the use of single-use plastic bottles. Additionally, they offer convenience with features like hot and cold water options, which are perfect for preparing beverages and meals quickly.

Water dispensers offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Convenient access to hot and cold water
  • Consistent supply of clean, filtered water
  • Eco-friendly by reducing plastic waste
  • Cost-effective compared to bottled water
  • Enhances the taste of water

The best water filter in Malaysia depends on your specific needs. However, Wells Malaysia’s water filters are highly recommended for their advanced Korean filter technology, 9-step nanofiltration system, and additional features like automatic self-sterilizing systems and eco-friendly filters.

Yes, filtered water is safe to drink in Malaysia. Using a high-quality water filter, such as Wells Multi-Carbon Plus Filter and Neo Nano Clean Filter, ensures that your water is free from contaminants like heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, and chemical toxins, making it safe and healthy to consume.

The best type of water filter for home use is one that offers comprehensive filtration and suits your needs. Wells Malaysia’s water dispensers with nanofiltration technology are an excellent choice as they remove impurities while retaining essential minerals, providing clean and healthy water.

Both UV (ultraviolet) and RO (reverse osmosis) filtration systems have their advantages:

  • UV: Effective in killing bacteria and viruses but does not remove dissolved salts and impurities.

  • RO: Removes dissolved salts, heavy metals, and impurities but can also remove essential minerals from the water. As seen in some advanced water purifiers, combining both technologies can provide comprehensive water purification.

We recommend changing the filter every 6 months to ensure optimal performance.

The standard warranty for Wells The One water dispensers is 1 year. If you have a special request, you can add a warranty with charges applied.

Wells Malaysia’s water dispensers are designed for easy installation. Detailed installation instructions are provided with each unit, and professional installation services are also available for added convenience.

The automatic self-sterilizing system in Wells Malaysia’s water dispensers uses advanced technology to periodically sterilize the water pathways, preventing the buildup of bacteria and ensuring clean, safe water at all times.