Wells The One

Experience Pure, Safe Hydration with Wells Malaysia Water Purifier

This is where your new kitchen life begins.

Our high-quality water purifiers, designed for home and office use. With our 9-step filtration, we ensure that every sip is pure, clean, and refreshing.

home water dispenser

Super compact
Premium Design
with a diameter of 8.8cm

home water dispenser

Automatic sterilisation
& super bio flow pipe
Good Hygiene System

home water dispenser

Wheel & 180° rotation
Usability Considered Features

home water dispenser

Worry-free hygiene
Cold & Hot
Direct-dispenser system

Path Your Way To A Better Living Standard

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home water dispenser

Korea’s First 2.8-inch Full Color Display

Various Features that are Easy to Use

Adjust water amount and temperature with just one control and enjoy convenience with a human body detection sensor and 180° body spin design!


An all-new Ultra-small Premium design at just 8.8cm in diameter
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4cm Colour Display

Control Water Amount and Temperature with Just One-Wheel Touch
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Smart Water Purifier

That automatically prepares itself whenever you need to use it
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drinking water dispenser

180° Body-spin function that enables you to rotate the faucet 180° for easier water dispensing

The faucet is designed to help you make better use of space thanks to a 180° spin capability that enables you to dispense water in whichever direction you want

drinking water dispenser

Multi tray

Stay Convenient with Tray Height Control

From small cups to large cookware

drinking water dispenser
drinking water dispenser

Ambient water, cold water, hot water Various functionalities befitting your lifestyle

water dispenser kl


Hot temperature to brew rich and delicious coffee

water dispenser kl


Warm temperature to brew stress-relieving tea

water dispenser kl

Baby Milk

Appropriate temperature to make baby formula

water dispenser kl

Cold Water

Enjoy the coolness of the cold-water setting

water dispenser kl

Ambient Water

Best water temperature to drink immediately

water dispenser kl

Body Temperature

36.5°C to help with metabolism blood circulation and digestion

8-inch filter that delivers the perfect purifying

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Wells The One Water Purifier Features

Match Wells The One to Your Kitchen Design

The ultra-slim design and 8.8cm in diameter offers a spacious and free kitchen wherever you want by locating premium slim faucet above, and smart filtration system below.

water dispenser kuala lumpur

Various installation options and perfect recovery service with

Customised total kitchen care

Choose the service you need most from the installation options depending on your kitchen environment and lifestyle

water dispenser kuala lumpur

Install your water purifer after drilling a hole into the kitchen countertop

water dispenser kuala lumpur