Wells True Tankless Water Purifier UV+

Tankless Water purifier with direct sterilisation

Wells tt UV+

  • Enhanced 99.9% UV sterilisation
  • Advanced patented cooling technology
  • The perfect water purifying performance
  • Hot & cold water direct dispensing system

Tankless Water Purifier with UV Light Sterilisation

Real Direct - Dispenser Type Sterilising Water Purifier

water purifier that Improved hygiene with 99.9% UV sterilisation
water purifier Safety LED lighting
tankless water purifier Safety LED lighting
Improved hygiene with 99.9% UV sterilisation of the purifier nozzle and replaceable nozzle tips

Patented direct-dispenser type water cooling technology TrueTankless Upgrade! Safety LED lighting that makes the dispense easy to use

Safety LED lighting that makes the purifier easy to use

tankless water purifier

Step Into a Hygienic Tankless Water Purifier Experience

Embrace a new era of hydration with our tankless water purifier, featuring 99.9% UV sterilisation for unmatched hygiene. Its instant water delivery system ensures a clean, safe, and efficient hydration experience. Upgrade to our innovative purifier and enjoy the convenience and purity of every sip.

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Tankless Water Purifier with Direct Sterilisation

Experience the purity of our tankless water purifier enhanced with direct sterilisation technology. Enjoy clean, safe water of unparalleled quality and taste, delivered directly to your cup. Drink with confidence, knowing each sip is as pure as nature intended.
tankless water dispenser

Choose Your Style with Tankless Water Purifiers in Two Options of Color

Upgrade your space with our tankless water purifiers, available in elegant white and sophisticated rose gold. Perfect for any decor, these options combine advanced purification technology with a stylish design. Choose the color that best suits your style and enjoy pure, safe water with a touch of elegance.
tankless water dispenser

Tankless Water Purifier with Ambient, Cold, and Hot Water Functionalities, Perfectly Suited to Your Lifestyle

water dispenser kl


Hot temperature to brew rich and delicious coffee

water dispenser kl


Warm temperature to brew stress-relieving tea

water dispenser kl

Baby Milk

Appropriate temperature to make baby formula

water dispenser kl

Cold Water

Enjoy the coolness of the cold-water setting

water dispenser kl

Ambient Water

Best water temperature to drink immediately

tankless water dispenser

Best water temperature to drink immediately

Perfect Hygiene with Auto and Manual Sterilisation Plus Nozzle Replacement
tankless water dispenser
tankless water dispenser
tankless water dispenser

Sterilises automatically every 2 hours

Internal sterilisation

Dispenser nozzle is replaceable

Our tankless water purifier features year-round UV sterilisation care, automatically activating every 2 hours to ensure the nozzle remains hygienically clean. This continuous protection keeps your drinking water safe and pure.

You can sterilise the dispenser nozzle with UV lights whenever you want at the touch of a button!

Tip of the dispenser nozzle, which is most vulnerable to external contaminants, is replaceable for perfect hygiene – a key feature for maintaining pristine water quality

8-inch Filter that Delivers the Perfect Purifying

Experience unmatched purifying performance with our 8-inch filter, designed to remove 7 types of heavy metals and 35 different harmful microorganisms, ensuring your water is clean and safe — a top choice for those prioritizing health and purity.

1st Filter

Wells Multi-Carbon Plus Filter

5-Stpes Filtering System
Remove 7 types of heavy metals
  1. Sediment
  2. Removes suspended solids and residual rusts

  3. Carbon Block
  4. Removes residual chlorine, bad odors

  5. Removes Heavy Metals
  7. Anti-Bacteria
  8. Prevents the buildup of bacteria

  9. Minerals
  10. Maintains pH level

Wells Water Dispenser Filter

2nd Filter

Neo Nano Clean Filter

4-Step Filtering System

Removes norovirus and dispenses healthy water brimming with minerals

  1. Sediment
  2. Removes suspended solids and residual rusts

  3. Positively Charged Membrane
  4. Removes residual chlorine, bad odors

  5. Post-Carbon

    Removes micro particles, foul odors, bacteria

  6. Silica Ball
  7. Improve water taste, maintain minerals

Advanced patented cooling technology

tt UV+ supplies abundant clean and cool water, and takes care of your safety at all times!

tankless water dispenser

One-touch sliding dispensing Nozzle and safety LED lighting for

improved user convenience

tankless water dispenser

Convenient Touch display

The Wells tt UV+ tankless water purifier combines convenience and innovation with its touch display, offering an intuitive UI for effortless use and superior control.
tankless water dispenser