Wells True Tankless UV+

Water purifier with direct sterilisation

Wells tt UV+

  • Enhanced 99.9% UV sterilisation
  • Advanced patented cooling technology
  • The perfect water purifying performance
  • Hot & cold water direct dispensing system

Tankless Water Dispenser with UV Light Sterilisation

Real Direct - Dispenser Type Sterilising Water Purifier


Improved hygiene with 99.9% UV sterilisation of the dispenser nozzle and replaceable nozzle tips

Patented direct-dispenser type water cooling technology TrueTankless Upgrade! Safety LED lighting that makes the dispense easy to use

Safety LED lighting that makes the dispenser easy to use

Step Into a Tankless and Hygienic Water Dispenser Experience

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Water Dispenser with Direct Sterilisation

Water with Unparalleled Purity

Ambient water, cold water, hot water

Various functionalities befitting your lifestyle

Auto-sterilisation function + Manual sterilising function + Nozzle replacement

Enjoy perfect hygiene!

tankless water dispenser

Sterilises automatically every 2 hours

Internal sterilisation

Dispenser nozzle is replaceable

Year-round UV sterilisation care for the water dispenser Nozzle

You can sterilise the dispenser nozzle with UV lights whenever you want at the touch of a button!

Tip of the dispenser nozzle, which is most vulnerable to external contaminants, is replaceable for perfect hygiene!

8 inch filter that delivers the perfect purifying performance

Removes 7 types of heavy metals, 35 different types of harmful microorganisms

Advanced patented cooling technology

tt UV+ supplies abundant clean and cool water, and takes care of your safety at all times!

One-touch sliding dispensing Nozzle and safety LED lighting for

improved user convenience

Convenient Touch display

Intuitive display UI makes the Wells tt UV+ more convenient to use!

tankless water dispenser