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Best Air Purifier for Home in Malaysia - Wells Interior

  • Awarding-winning design with a compact size
  • Removes 99.997% of all ultra-fine dust particles
  • Sophisticated design featuring fabric textures
  • Optimised to be silent for study rooms
air purifier malaysia

Enhancing Home Air Quality with our Customisable Filter and H14 HEPA Filter

Experience top-notch air quality with Wells Air Purifier at home now!

air purifier malaysia

Perfect performance! Compact size!

air filter malaysia

H14 Zero Clear HEPA Air Filter! Removes 0.3µm ultra-fine dust particles 99.997%

air filter malaysia

Quiet Study Mode and can help you focus Study Mode Function

portable air purifier malaysia

Pattern design Fabric

5 Reasons to choose Wells Interior Air Purifier

1. Breathe Easier at Home: Unrivaled Air Purification

portable air purifier malaysia

Experience superior indoor air quality with Wells’ innovative air purifiers, which are available exclusively at Wells Malaysia. Our sleek, compact designs maximize space and fit any room. Advanced technology minimizes noise while delivering purified air, ensuring a cleaner, healthier environment. Choose between stand-type or wall-mounted installation for ultimate convenience.

2. Innovative 4-Stage Filtration for Cleaner, Healthier Air

air purifier malaysia

Wells’ innovative air purifier system makes breathing clean air at home easy with its four-stage filtration process. The ultra-fine pre-filter traps larger particles like hair and lint, while a smart custom filter further refines air quality. A deodorisation filter eliminates unpleasant odours from cooking, pets, and harmful materials. Finally, the H14 Zero Clear HEPA filter captures 99.997% of ultra-fine dust particles as small as 0.3 microns, delivering superior indoor air quality.

Wells Interior Air Purifier with Different Air Filters Customised for Daily Life

Air purifier with ultra fine dust filter

Ultra-fine dust filter

Eliminates larger particles, including human and pet hair, lint from bedding, and pollutants in the air.

Deodorisation Filter

Anyone who is concerned about bad odor and gas in the house

Air purifier with allergy filter

Allergy Filter

People who are sensitive to allergy (pollents that trigger asthma)

air purifier with Sick House Syndromes Filter

Sick House Syndromes Filter

Anyone who plans to move into a newly built house

Exhaust Gas Filter

Anyone concerned about harmful gases living near roads and factories.

Air Purifier with Pet Filter

Pet Filter

Anyone who’s concerned about the smell of pet bowls.

3. Silent Mode Function

air purifier malaysia

With a noise level of only 28dB, the Wells air purifier operates quieter than a library, ensuring minimal environmental disruption. Our study mode feature also enhances the atmosphere, providing a conducive setting for focused studying.

4. Built-in Sensors & Air Quality Indicator

air purifier malaysia

Wells air purifier ensures peace of mind with its built-in sensors that detect dust particles as small as 2.5 microns (PM2.5), odors, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). An easy-to-read air quality indicator uses a color code to keep you informed: blue for good, green for normal, yellow for bad, and red for very bad air quality. This intelligent system ensures optimal performance, creating a healthier and more comfortable home environment.

5. Award-winning for its Sophisticated Design featuring Fabric Texture

air purifier malaysia

 Natural materials create a comfortable aesthetic, while advanced technology tackles air impurities. It’s clean air and design inspiration, all in one.

Experience Pure Air with Wells Malaysia

Transform your living space with the Wells Air Purifier, featuring state-of-the-art filtration to remove pollutants and allergens, ensuring fresh and clean air for you and your family. Contact us to make an appointment or enquire about our Air Purifier.