FAQ About Wells Malaysia

Wells The One water purifier is a premium water dispenser that is built with a futuristic design along with a super compact form factor, only having a diameter of 8.8cm. In addition, it comes with automatic sterilisation & super bio flow pipe to ensure a good hygiene system, and also clean drinkable water for homes, workplaces, schools, hospitals, and other locations in a simple and sanitary manner.

Our Wells The One water dispensers have multiple features to enhance our client’s user experience such as energy efficiency, temperature control, advanced filtration, design and aesthetics etc

In Wells Malaysia, you can get a water dispenser that is suitable for you and bring an elegant environment to your kitchen. Contact us for more information now.

Wells Malaysia’s water dispenser is designed and manufactured in Korea using top-grade materials to develop elegant and stylish home appliances. Wells Malaysia’s water dispenser focuses on giving you the best quality of life. Discover the convergence of wellness and design through the best water dispenser innovated with Korean technology.

Our Wells The One water dispensers have a futuristic design that will enhance the look of your kitchen life with its premium form factor. The device also boasts a good hygiene system that comes with many usability features such as cold & hot direct dispenser systems. What separates Wells from other water dispenser systems is its touch functionality with the wheel system which makes the user experience seamless.

Our Wells The One water dispensers assure benefits such as convenience. The system makes dispensing water seamless and user-friendly for all family members to use. The quality of the water such as precise temperature control is also a main feature that enables you to generate the optimal temperature for your consumption.

To preserve the dispenser's lifetime and water quality, Wells The One water dispensers should be serviced every 6 months to a year and cleaned regularly.

The standard warranty for Wells The One water dispensers is 1 year. If you have a special request, you can choose to add an additional warranty with charges applied.

Drinking water dispensers are essential in countries like Malaysia for clean and filtered water. They are usually constructed with modern filtration systems to remove pollutants and toxins from the water, making it safer to consume. Another key point for most modern water dispensers is that it comes with a built-in temperature regulator, which allows dispensing of cold and hot water. In areas such as Malaysia, where tap water is unclean, it is essential for all households to have water dispensers or boiled water for drinking.

A home water dispenser supplies clean drinking water. Water dispensers have built-in filtration systems to help remove toxins and also harmful bacteria from tap water. Besides, it also saves time and eliminates the need for boiling water. Filtered water dispensers improve taste and also remove contaminants. Home water dispensers also allow household members to have access to clean and temperature-controlled water at the snap of their fingers.

Wells The One water dispenser maintenance is dependent on many factors, such as the way of consumption and also the model of the dispenser. It is recommended to be serviced annually. However, pay attention to the dispenser for any leaks or unusual water taste. If such were the case contact us immediately.

The model and type of electric water dispenser filter determine how frequently it must be maintained. Some filters last a year, while others require replacing every six months.

Yes, our Wells The One water dispenser can regulate and dispense water at any temperature. Water may be heated or cooled in an instant depending on your specifications, making it convenient for those who need hot or cold water seamlessly.