Wells Mini Water Purifier

A Clutter-free kitchen space with

Wells Mini Water Purifier for Your Kitchen

Mini size & 3 type faucet positions

Install it wherever you want

Direct-Piping clean water full of minerals

Removal of harmful substances, rich in mineral

No electricity required

Zero electricity bill even after 24/7 use

Hassle-Free convenience

Easy setup and maintenance

Start Enjoying a Clutter-Free Kitchen Space with Our Tabletop Water Purifier

Our compact Wells Mini Water Purifier fits seamlessly into your kitchen, delivering pure, delicious drinking water on demand. Ditch the clutter and embrace the freedom of filtered water right where you need it most. Ready to transform your kitchen and your hydration?

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tabletop water dispenser

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tabletop water dispenser

Maximise your countertop space by using Wells Mini water purifer and its 3 different faucet positions

Wells Mini Water Purifier is here to save the day with its ultra-compact design and 3 flexible faucet positions! Iit fits comfortably in the space of a single book or coffee cup, letting you enjoy delicious, filtered water without sacrificing valuable kitchen real estate.

tabletop water dispenser

Direct-piping water purifier that removes harmful substances while allowing essential minerals to remain

Experience delicious water that is not only clean but smooth down the throat like nature intended. No more metallic aftertaste, just pure, refreshing hydration.

Zero electricity necessary. Install it anywhere without worrying about bills!

Use it 24/7 without the burden of electricity bills. Free from power outlets, Enjoy pure, delicious water anytime, anywhere.

tabletop water dispenser

Easy to manage and more convenient to use

With intuitive usage and easy self replacement of filters, it allows you to enjoy clean and healthy water at all times

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Mini's 3 different faucet positions were designed to fit your kitchen space

Flexible faucet positions frees countertop space
Place Wells Mini Water Purifier anywhere you want

tabletop water dispenser

The Details of WELLS Mini Water Purifier for more space

tabletop water dispenser

3-way adjustable faucet

Allows you to customise the faucet position to the left, right, or center, adapting perfectly to your kitchen layout and preferences.

tabletop water dispenser

180° rotation tray

WELLS Mini Water Purifier seamlessly blending in the kitchen, taking up minimal space and maximising your countertop real estate.

A prop-like modern look

WELLS Mini Water Purifier seamlessly blending in the kitchen

tabletop water dispenser

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Removal of harmful substances while rich in minerals

Direct-piping water purifier discharging right way

Is purification capacity the only key factor to filters?
Have you checked if your purified water contains beneficial minerals for health?, or does the purification process strip away these vital nutrients?

Experience water with clean and smooth taste

Discover the sensation of water that not only quenches your thirst but also delights your taste buds with its clean and smooth flavor. The secret behind the exceptional taste of water from WELLS Direct Water Purifiers is all about the “Minerals“. These purifiers are designed to meticulously filter out impurities while retaining the essential minerals that contribute to the water’s refreshing taste and nutritional benefits.

Experience hydration like never before, where purity meets taste.

8-Inch Filter for Perfect Purification

Experience exceptional purity with the Wells Water Purifier’s dual filtration system. The first filter removes heavy metals, chlorine and odors while preserving minerals. The second filter tackles viruses, bacteria, and microparticles for ultimate safety. Together, they deliver clean, healthy, and delicious water for everyday hydration.

1st Filter

Wells Carbon Filter

5-Stpes Filtering System
Remove 7 types of heavy metals
  1. Sediment
  2. Removes suspended solids and residual rusts

  3. Carbon Block
  4. Removes residual chlorine, bad odors

  5. Removes Heavy Metals
  7. Anti-Bacteria
  8. Prevents the buildup of bacteria

  9. Minerals
  10. Maintains pH level

8-Inch Filter for Perfect Purification

2nd Filter

Neo Nano Clean Filter

4-Step Filtering System

Removes norovirus and dispenses healthy water brimming with minerals

  1. Sediment
  2. Removes suspended solids and residual rusts

  3. Positively Charged Membrane
  4. Removes residual chlorine, bad odors

  5. Post-Carbon

    Removes micro particles, foul odors, bacteria

  6. Silica Ball
  7. Improve water taste, maintain minerals

Pure, Mineral-Rich Water With 99.9% Norovirus Removal Through a Powerful Filtering System for Enhanced Health and Taste.

Wells carbon filter developed by Wells provides water full of minerals at a pH concentration similar to the blood in our bodies

water full of minerals

The powerful filtering system that removes 99.9% of norovirus, the cause of enteritis in the winter, and the reinforced silica balls make smooth and delicious healthy mineral water. 

filtering system that removes 99.9% of norovirus

Remove norovirus, E.coli, Staphylococcus aureus, remove floating substances and rust residues, remove fine particle substances, improve the taste of water, and maintain minerals.

WELLS Mini Water Purifier VS Bottled Water

wells mini water purifier for kitchen

WELLS Mini Water Purifier

water bottle

Bottled Water

water bottle

No hassle of buying water ever again

Never worry about the inconvenience of repurchasing water; our purifier ensures a consistent and reliable water supply at your fingertips.

Water Bottles

The hassle of buying water now and then

The frequent need to buy water bottles can be a hassle, disrupting your routine and adding to your grocery list.
Water Bottles

Mini size to simplify kitchen space

Optimally designed to fit in any kitchen space, the mini-sized purifier enhances your kitchen aesthetics while saving space.

Water Bottles

Stacked bottles take up too much space

Bottled water takes up valuable kitchen and storage space, creating clutter and inefficiency in your home environment.
Zero waste Bottles

Zero waste

Our water purifier is a testament to eco-friendliness, producing no waste, unlike bottled water, which adds to landfills and pollution.

waste Bottles


The use of bottled water generates significant plastic waste, contributing to environmental pollution and the burden on waste management systems.

waste Bottles

Clean direct water purifier without hygiene concerns

With a direct water purifier, there's no concern about hygiene; enjoy clean, purified water without the risk of bacterial contamination.

waste Bottles

Potential Bacterial Exposure

Once opened, bottled water can become a breeding ground for bacteria, posing a health risk with every sip.

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Direct-piping water purifier free from power supply

Wells Mini is a direct-piping water purifier and is completely free from power supply, which allows you to install it anywhere without worrying about electricity bills. Enjoy fresh, clean water on demand, wherever you need it most.

tabletop water dispenser

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Convenient usage

Wells Mini Water Purifier is not just convenient to use, it’s a breeze to maintain. Enjoy the simplicity of clean, filtered water without the hassle of complicated upkeep.

Self filter replacement that anyone can do in 5 minutes

Replace filters effortlessly with a cover
that opens easily and filters that pop in and out

home water dispenser
home water dispenser

Simple dial-type control

Wells Mini water purifier features a simple dial-type control, making it effortless to adjust the water volume exactly to your needs. This intuitive design ensures a smooth and convenient experience every time you reach for a refreshing drink.

home water dispenser

Replaceable Faucet Tip

Replace your Wells Mini water purifier faucet tip every 12 months. This simple step ensures continued clean water flow and optimal performance, letting you enjoy pure refreshment with peace of mind.