Wells Home Café

Your exclusive machine that
dispenses coffee and tea

Enjoy Coffee and Tea within the same Machine with the dual dispensing feature

Select Taste

Delicate taste and scent

Relaxing cup of tea

Rich taste and scent

Select Taste

Mild coffee

Sweet, sour & bitter taste

Rich, thick flavored coffee

Dual Extraction Feature

To maintain the pure taste of tea and coffee, Wells Home Café uses a dual extraction system. This setup keeps the drinks separate with distinct channels, valves, and capsule compartments, preventing any mixing.

Two separate capsule drawers
can be used seperately for tea and coffee

High pressure of 19 bar extracts

Wells Home Café employs a pressure of 19 bar, mirroring the same high pressure utilized in upscale coffee establishments.

High pressure of 19 bar extracts

Experience the convenience of Wells Home Café, where delightful tea is extracted in only 60 seconds.

Give yourself a Coffee and Tea drinking experience in your home

Contact our team to make an appointment or to enquire about our Wells Home Café pricing

Direct Access to Clean Water

Have the option of combining the Home Café with the Wells The One Water Purifier System for a complete kitchen upgrade or connect it directly to Wells Filter System.

Option 1
Combining it with Wells The One

Option 2
Combining it with Wells Filter System

The filtration system supplies clean, purified water to both Wells The One Water Purifier & Home Café.

9-Steps Comprehensive Nanofiltration
Wells water filter technology maintains the minerals and filters out harmful substances such as Heavy Metals & Norovirus.
1st Filter
Wells Multi-Carbon Plus Filter
5-Steps Filtering System
Removes 7 types of heavy metals

Steps 1: Removes suspended solids and residual rust
Steps 2: Removes residual chlorine, and bad odours
Steps 3: Removes heavy metals
Steps 4: Prevents the buildup of bacteria
Steps 5: Maintains pH level

2nd Filter
Neo Nano Clean Filter
4-Steps Filtering System
Removes norovirus and dispenses clean water with natural minerals

Steps 6: Removes suspended solids and residual rust
Steps 7: Removes norovirus and bacteria
Steps 8: Removes micro particles, foul odours, and bacteria
Steps 9: Improve water taste, and maintain minerals